2nd International Festival of Aerial

  Dance in Costa Rica

 2nd International Festival of Aerial

  Dance in Costa Rica

The International Festival of Aerial Dance in Costa Rica (FIDACR) is a pioneering platform that will bring together international and national aerial artists in a family space for the exchange, learning and enjoyment of aerial dance. Thus becoming the first festival in its style in both Costa Rica and Latin America.

Discover the Festival

You will be able to learn new techniques of the aerial dance genre, create and present your act, participate in conversations, and delight in unique shows.

Participate and learn at the festival!

Share your talent, we invite you to get on stage, support Costa Rican and International art, do not miss the opportunity to present your show.

Learn with Terry Crane the Loop Creation Technique, which will amaze you with the versatility of the aerial rope. Do not miss it!


Workshop: Aerial dance & site‐specific performance

The Workshop itself explores the possibilities of making and building aerial dance presentations for specific locations.

Be part of this event!

Do not forget to visit us during and at the end of the festival so you can see our galleries of different events!

Meeting: "Social and cultural context of aerial dance in the world"

Each artist will share how they carry out their profession from their country and what challenges they face. Are there job opportunities and training opportunities or should you go abroad to access them?
Do not miss it!

Discussion: "Forming in aerial dance"

Some aspects to be addressed are: what methodology do we use as trainers ?, what tools should the student obtain ?, what does it mean to be a aerialist? and more…



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* There are no refunds for workshops or tickets under any circumstances.

If you have any questions or need more information contact us and we will be glad to help you!


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